January 18, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows ‘Congresswomen dance too’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows ‘Congresswomen dance too’

After a college-era video showing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, dancing made waves in conservative social media spheres, the newly elected lawmaker responded Friday with a new video of herself dancing – this time outside her congressional office.

Ocasio-Cortez shakes, points and spins with Edwin Starr’s version of “War,” a protest song from the Vietnam era, playing in the background. The Congresswoman then laughs as she enters her new office in Washington.

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  1. laurejon

    I did feel her video debased women, and inferred they were sexual objects using sexual iconography rather than highly educated individuals and equal to white men. She uses her looks to body shame millions of girls in schools across the land by intentionally using her body to appeal to young white males, setting a very poor example for future generations.

  2. Himself Lee

    This AC cretin has poor English comprehension and fails basic math, displaying extreme sociopathic/narcissistic behavior. Childishly spending her salary before she gets her first check, which should be taxed at 70%, which would be in the wealth category by a large segment of the population. Yep, she is so generous with the profits of those who sweated and earned their money, that she should be willing to forfeit 70% of her salary, but then she would have to take back those silly designer purses and shoes.

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  4. John Hall

    After listening to her discuss current events, fiscal matters, the Constitution and economics, I'd guess that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez not only hasn't, "written" on those topics . . . she hasn't read anything on them either.

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