January 16, 2019

President Trump still says Mexico will pay for the wall, but experts say no way.

President Trump still says Mexico will pay for the wall, but experts say no way.

“I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall,” President Donald Trump said on June 16, 2015, when he announced his White House run.

“Mark my words,” he said.

Americans did mark – and many mocked – those words, which Trump repeated at virtually every campaign stop after that announcement, up through the general election. But he is now arguing that he never said Mexico would pay for the wall directly.


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  1. Jay Smith

    It is written, truth will be hidden. Trump and his supporters can rationalize it, they can use partial truth for their gain/benifits, or believe in a liar. (You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires…" John 8:44)
    "…In wartime (anytime for Trump), truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." ( Winston Churchill)

  2. Thomas Pozsonyi

    The trade offsets is saving our country millions of dollars a month, we really don't care if the funds come indirectly but we cannot afford to keep letting illegals into our country and the we have to support them as well. The immagration laws in this country also must be changed. The American taxpayers are the ones who get hurt by illegal immigration, it's a complete disaster.


    Democrat liberals support terrorism, child sex trafficking, human trafficking, corruption. Illegal criminal aliens. And perversion.
    But the liberals who are commenting on this post..! there is some butthurting sissies here.

  4. Daryl Leckt

    anybody who passed a highschool civics class already knows that there will be no trump monumental wall.
    no courts will back Trump's story of an "emergency" because mitch mcconnell refuses to allow the senate to do it's job.
    republican senators are going home to face constituents.
    they will return to work Monday, mindful of america's demand the senate do it's job, open up government, and destroy Trump's dream of a monument.
    by mid-week the shutdown will be over and trump will be creating a new distraction from the Mueller investigation.

  5. joshua shinn

    I really dont care who pays walls work reduces problems for border guards.
    Helps keep drugs and crime out.
    We welcome the good ones who want a better life for themselves and kids. But no matter the argument we need a border fence or wall call it whatever cant be just a line in the ground. Ms13 has killed enough the drugs have killed enough how much more American blood has to be on the streets before democrates do something.

  6. Josh Allan

    If the u.s was human trafficking underage females from all over the world to forcefully pimp them in Mexico if tons of cocaine and herouin were comeing into Mexico claiming thousands of lives every year Mexico could have been built a wall to protect its coucntry unlinke the democrats who don't care about the country and the value of an American life.
    Drug trafficking is real
    Thousands of Americans dieing to drugs every year is real
    Human trafficking is real
    Underage females kidnapped going missing from all over the world smuggled in to the u.s through Mexico because the border doesn't have real protection
    Huge portion of the u.s has no protection you can just walk into the country
    This been an issue that's been ignored for decades it's a real problem

    Congress and the demacroats is quick to fund obama for isis along with the military to causeing civil wars in Egypt Syria lybia claiming half million lives but when it comes to securing the country and protecting lives they refuse.

  7. rmoreno94

    Who are these experts? And who are the experts saying the wall won’t work? Border patrol agents are the experts. Not some nerds behind a desk that have never patrolled the river or the border . LOL 😂 I’m furloughed mr president you have my support!

  8. A L X

    ©™ ALX 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

    Trump moronic meglomaniacal goofball President unhinged paranoid delusional behavior lies as easily as he breaths and just as often

  9. Fred Berdyck

    Here's how to solve this problem. Trump can show his leadership ability by personally directing the construction of the wall by simply walking the entire 2000 miles and showing the crews exactly where it is suppose to go.

  10. Andy B

    Trump's pulling a hood over his supporters' eyes until they believe Mexico will pay for it but yet they support him shutting down the government until he gets funding -like how a child throws a tantrum until they get what they want.

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